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Convert Your HTML to Text in Seconds. A free and easy-to-use tool that helps you convert your HTML code to plain formatted text.

Why convert HTML to plain text?

* To extract the text content from a web page. This can be useful if you want to copy and paste the text into a document, or if you want to analyze the text for SEO purposes. * To clean up HTML code. If your HTML code is cluttered with unnecessary tags, it can be difficult to read and understand. Converting it to plain text can make it easier to edit and maintain. * To make your web pages more accessible. Some people, such as those who are visually impaired, use screen readers to access the web. Screen readers cannot read HTML code, so converting your web pages to plain text can make them more accessible to these users.

How to convert HTML to plain text

* Use a dedicated HTML to text converter tool. There are many free and paid tools available online that can do this. * Use a regular expression. A regular expression is a special sequence of characters that can be used to search and replace text. You can use a regular expression to remove all HTML tags from a piece of text. * Use a text editor. Most text editors have a built-in function for removing HTML tags.

How it works?

When you use an HTML to text converter tool, it will first parse the HTML code. This means that it will break the code down into its individual components, such as tags, attributes, and text. Once the code has been parsed, the tool will then remove all of the HTML tags. The remaining text will be the plain text version of the web page.

Use Cases for the HTML to Text Converter

* Extracting text from web pages for research or analysis. * Cleaning up HTML code for editing or maintenance. * Making web pages more accessible to people with disabilities. * Converting HTML email messages to plain text. * Sharing text content from web pages on social media or in other platforms that don't support HTML.

SEO tips

* Remove all unnecessary tags. This will make your text content more concise and easy to read. * Use keywords throughout your text content. This will help search engines to index your pages and rank them higher in search results. * Format your text content correctly. This includes using proper grammar, punctuation, and capitalization.